A two-storey cottage

A two-storey cottage
Sleeping places
Two-storey house for 8-10 people. The house has 4 bedrooms, a guest room, a bathroom with shower, terrace, satellite TV, refrigerator. Price for rent cottage 100,000 tenge per night on weekends, weekdays 80000 tenge. The price includes 3 hours meals. On weekdays, there are discounts.
shower cabin
no smoking
Stats total: 14817
Stats month: 400
Stats week: 128
Stats today: 4
Other room types
60 000 KZT
60 000 KZT
Storey log cabin for 8-10 persons. The price of the house includes 3 meals a day. There is a terrace. On weekdays, there are discounts.
24 000 KZT
24 000 KZT
House four rooms. There are rooms for 3, 4 and 6 people. The price includes three meals a day.
24 000 KZT
24 000 KZT
Cosy house for a family or good company, the room has a satellite TV, refrigerator, private terrace.
12 000 KZT
12 000 KZT
Double room in a remote, quiet corner of our recreation areas. There is a cozy terrace. The price includes three meals a day. Newlyweds discount...
14 000 KZT
14 000 KZT
Accommodation per person in the hotel complex with 3 meals a day is 6500 tenge per day. Children under 5 years free accommodation, meals 3000...
18 000 KZT
18 000 KZT
Semi-suite of two rooms in the hotel complex for up to 5 people. Price per person, the price includes three meals a day.
80 000 KZT
Standard price
Address and contact
Bayanaul, Bayanaul, Pass Zhasybay Batyr
Object orient: Lake Zhasybay for d / Birch towards Crystal
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