We offer you, located in the rooms of the hotel complex, real pine log cabins or authentic national Kazakh yurt.
At your service:
• pedestrian and car trips to local attractions (beautiful passes, unique rocks, fern Witches Gorge, a sacred cave with healing water, the rock carvings of ancient people, etc.);
• football field with artificial turf;
• beach volleyball;
• balanced meals;
• cozy cafe, with the possibility of ordering the national Kazakh, Russian and Uzbek dishes;
• sauna with wood;
• playground;
• bike rental;
• dance floor;
• Free Wi-Fi;
• billiards and table tennis;
• Karaoke;
• Parking (guarded parking);
• big BBQ, tandyrnaya oven and a tea party at the hot samovar.
Club family holiday "Elkonys" is able to accept and organize family and corporate events, team building, retreats, sports team fees, biennale, and more.

Street parking
Children's playground
Football field
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Category room hotel
120 000 KZT
120 000 KZT
Two-storey house for 8-10 people. The house has 4 bedrooms, a guest room, a bathroom with shower, terrace, satellite TV, refrigerator. Price for rent cottage...
80 000 KZT
80 000 KZT
Storey log cabin for 8-10 persons. The price of the house includes 3 meals a day. There is a terrace. On weekdays, there are discounts.
35 000 KZT
35 000 KZT
House four rooms. There are rooms for 3, 4 and 6 people. The price includes three meals a day.
40 000 KZT
40 000 KZT
Cosy house for a family or good company, the room has a satellite TV, refrigerator, private terrace.
15 000 KZT
15 000 KZT
Double room in a remote, quiet corner of our recreation areas. There is a cozy terrace. The price includes three meals a day. Newlyweds discount...
24 000 KZT
24 000 KZT
Accommodation per person in the hotel complex with 3 meals a day is 6500 tenge per day. Children under 5 years free accommodation, meals 3000...
125 500 KZT
125 500 KZT
New two-storey log cabin, the room has a shower and toilet. Price is per person with three meals a day.
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Bayanaul, Bayanaul, Pass Zhasybay Batyr
Object orient: Lake Zhasybay for d / Birch towards Crystal
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