Sleeping places
This is spacious two-room suite. There is the atmosphere of coziness and home warmth. The room is suitable both for work and for rest. The room has a full living room and bedroom. The bedroom has a double bed and a wardrobe. There is a bathroom in the room. Bathroom is equipped with bath, toilet and sink.
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Other room types
"Karaganda" Hotel
10 000 KZT
10 000 KZT
One-room Junior Suite can accommodate up to two people. Here You will feel yourself like at home, forgetting that You are in a hotel. The...
"Karaganda" Hotel
13 000 KZT
13 000 KZT
This is cosy two-room suite. The classic style. Warm and cozy room. The room has a full living-room and bedroom. The room is equipped with...
"Karaganda" Hotel
5 000 KZT
5 000 KZT
This is an excellent economy variant. The room has a bed, wardrobe, coffee table. The room is equipped with a TV and a telephone. There...
15 000 KZT
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Address and contact
Karaganda, Bukhar-Zhyrau av., 66 Bukhar zhyrau st.
Object orient: wailway station, City mall
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