Rest house "Merey"

Rest house

Rest house "Merey" located in a picturesque area Bayanaul. Suite 3 15000 -12000 seater, 2-seater suite 12000-10000, 3000 -2000 person simple number, the price per room is without power! Parking cost 200 tenge, for the car does not respond. August 25 season ends!

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Rest house "Merey"
10 000 KZT
10 000 KZT
Double room suite cost from 10,000 to 12 million. Room is equipped with everything for a comfortable stay in it. A clean, fresh linens. Price...
Rest house "Merey"
2 000 KZT
2 000 KZT
A basic room cost per person from 2000 to 3000 thousand. Price per room is without power! Clean bedding.
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Bayanaul, Bayanaul, Bayanaul
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