Holiday "Altyn-Bayan"


Holiday Altyn-Bayan is located in the resort area of Bayanaul. The rooms are filled completely. The price includes three meals a day, additional power is 3000 tenge (breakfast - 850, dinner - 1200 Dinner - 1000 tenge). Payment for the shower - 250 tenge.

Stats total: 196200
Stats month: 447
Stats week: 116
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Category room hotel
Holiday "Altyn-Bayan"
19 000 KZT
19 000 KZT
Two rooms, three beds, upholstered furniture, refrigerator, satellite TV, dishes, toiletries, shower (Ariston) and a bathroom in the room.
Holiday "Altyn-Bayan"
3 400 KZT
3 400 KZT
One room, two separate, three-bed, bedside table, wardrobe, coffee table, fridge, satellite TV in the room, shower (Ariston) and bathroom on the floor. Room rates:...
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Bayanaul, Bayanaul,
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