The recreation area "Samal"

The recreation area
The recreation area "Samal" invites you to relax on the shores of scenic Lake Balkhash! You can soak up the sun on a clean beach and plunge into the cool lake. The hotel offers a coffee shop, a bar with soft drinks. Also in the menu skewers, barbecue, hot and cold snacks. Wood-fired sauna, showers. Sandy beach with umbrellas and sunbeds. You can also enjoy water bikes and steep water slides (a water park). Accommodation is provided in the non-standard categories, cabins and yurts. Double standard: 1.5 Two beds, table, chairs, satellite TV, telephone, air conditioning. Facilities on site. Triple House: 2-bed, telephone, satellite TV, air conditioning, c / a, porch. Ten-Yurt: carpets, pillows, table and chairs - on request. Facilities on site.
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Balhash, Barkovsky area, Barkovsky area
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