Holyday home "Breeze"

Holyday home
Holiday house "Breeze" is located in the resort village Torangalyk, near the picturesque coast of Lake Balkhash. This family-style boarding house, which welcomes its guests in the summer holiday season.Comfortable rooms, excellent groomed area, friendly and helpful staff create opportunities for travelers. Rest area after major repairs. On the territory has 33 rooms: houses with separate entrances with private facilities, and rooms in the main building without facilities (shower and toilet on the floor). They are all very clean and comfortable. Each room has air conditioning, satellite TV, refrigerator and a clean bed and towels. On the territory there is a shop and indoor cafe where you can sample home-cooked meal. Car Parking is free.
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Holyday home "Breeze"
12 000 KZT
12 000 KZT
The rooms without facilities are located in the main building. All rooms have air conditioning, refrigerator, satellite TV, clean linens and towels. Meals are not...
Holyday home "Breeze"
20 000 KZT
20 000 KZT
Quadruple rooms with private facilities are located in the house near to the main building. Next to the houses there is a veranda with table...
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Balhash, Torangalyk, village Torangalyk
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