Mini hotel "Bereket" | Astana

Mini hotel

HOU House "Bereket" at the junction of the left and right banks in Astana offers affordable accommodation in comfortable rooms. Each room has its own shower, bathroom, air conditioning, refrigerator. The rooms are double and triple. Check-in around the clock.
This is a worthy alternative to the daily rent of apartments:
1. Do not look for the landlady to take and pass the keys.
2. There is always an administrator at the reception that will help with the map, taxi, choice of attractions and many more.
3. Double room per night 10000 tenge.
4. Double room half-day 7000 tenge. Payment for actual time.
Our guest house is located in the center of Astana. Nearby are the Radisson Hotel, Fitness Club WorldClub, cafes, pharmacies, shops, in the evening you can take a stroll along the waterfront. From our mini hotel it is very easy to get to the sights of the left bank (2 stops to Megi and the oceanarium or 20 minutes on foot) and to the objects of the right. We will always be glad to see you, the staff will help you in everything. Each room has free Wi-Fi, a kettle, cable TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, towels, slippers. Transfer 2000 tg airport. Full package of documents. Transfer. We are waiting for you!

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Mini hotel "Bereket" | Astana
8 000 KZT
8 000 KZT
Cable TV, bathroom, towels, kettle, free wifi. Payment time of actual residence. We guarantee cleanliness and comfort!
Mini hotel "Bereket" | Astana
6 000 KZT
6 000 KZT
Paul nights in a 2-bed room, guests are charged for the actual time. 12 hours.
Mini hotel "Bereket" | Astana
9 000 KZT
9 000 KZT
Comfortable room. Cable TV, shower, toilet, clean towels, kettle, wifi, at the request of a hairdryer, iron, laundry.
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Nur-Sultan, Right Bank, Shevchenko 10
Object orient: hotel Radisson
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